The Skye and the Lake

This is about three and a half hours of work from my dad.  He freehanded the entire map in sharpie first (pencil was too light). It measures 6’ by just over 4’.  We’ve been using fabric paint watered down just a touch (this should help the paint soak deeper into the fibers of the fleece).  I’ve got to go through and do the lettering and some of the smaller details that were left out.  I’m debating whether or not to add in the roads, but I’m worried that all the dots would come off easily if the blanket starts to pill.

Yeah, this is a map of Middle Earth on a fleece blanket.  I’ll post more pictures once it is finished.

Edit: I feel that I can safely post this here because even though my girlfriend has a Tumblr, she never uses it unless I bug her to. Since I won’t be bugging her to, this is safe.

As a side note, I’m pretty sure that Tolkien’s geography is impossible. Geographers and geologists, back me up or break me down on this point.